Raptor Indicator Light Sets Fitting Guide

Raptor Indicator Light Sets Fitting Guide

Follow our Raptor Indicator Light Sets Fitting Guide below, watch the video or download the instructions.

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Raptor Indicator Light Kits

Raptor Fitting Guide


  • Remove the driver’s headlight.
  • Remove indicator/turn signal bulb holder.
  • Slide the drivers Raptor LED into the headlight (For black headlights, guide the tip down through the groove at the top).
  • Push the raptor LED bulb holder into position, matching the pegs with the holes, turn clockwise.
  • Re-install the headlight.
  • Repeat the procedure for passenger side.
  • Fit harness or gold resistors provided (see guide 2).

Headlight Fixings

DYNAMITE 21 top Tip

For best fitment, fit Raptor LED’s at room temperature.

For best fitment on face lift models, warm the raptor LED’s so they become slightly more flexible (van heater or hairdryer, take care not to overheat).

Trouble Shooting

My Raptor LED is not working or hyper-flashing?

  • Check glass fuse on LED.
  • Check glass fuse on harness if required.
  • Check bulb holder is turned fully into place.
  • Check connections on the plug.
  • Check nut on live pin in engine bay is tight.
  • Contact us for customer support if you are still having issues.

GUIDE 2 – Harness Fitting

  • Choose driver’s harness.
  • Carefully wire the power supply cable across the front of the engine bay-head towards the live pin underneath the red cap.
  • Dress the cable with the cable ties provided, allowing enough length to attach the loop crimp to the positive pin without any strain on the cable (stay clear of any hot or moving parts).
  • Hang the Raptor box behind the drivers headlight using the cable ties provided (hang in fresh air away from any vulnerable parts).
  • Repeat procedure for passenger side.
  • With both legs of the harness installed, connect both hoop crimps to the live pin (use the nut, spring washer and washer provided).
  • Connect harness plug to Raptor LED.

Live Pin


  • Hang gold resistors behind each headlight.
  • Hang the resistors in a fresh air position via cable tie and hook loop (take care to avoid any vulnerable parts).
  • Connect resistor plug to Raptor LED plug.


(The resistors will become hot under working load).

Dynamite 21 will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that may occur if installed incorrectly.



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