Dynamite 21

Here at Dynamite 21 we love our Ford Transit Custom vans, what’s more, we love customizing them too! Here on Dynamite 21 you will find the unique Raptor sequential moving Indicator kit (patent pending), a great little headlight upgrade, and a guaranteed head turner, to the already fantastic, ford transit custom!

Our unique indicators are not available anywhere else!

If you want your Ford Transit Custom to be truly unique, you NEED a set of Raptor LEDs. #DARETOBEDIFFERENT.

Play Video about Dynamite 21 and Raptors Indicator Light Sets

Raptor Indicator Light Kits


Dynamite 21 - Ford Transit Custom Vans Raptor Indicator Lights

Raptors Indicator Light Sets

Dynamite 21 Raptors are custom made sequential indicator LED’S for the Ford Transit Custom Van. These sets are exclusive to Dynamite 21 (Patent Pending). Make sure to grab yourself a set before they sell out. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Google for the latest updates.

Raptor Indicator Light Kits
Raptor Indicator Silver Light Kit by Dynamite 21

There are 5 different raptor choices available. Each one made specifically for your style of headlight and engine size.  So please choose carefully.

Raptor Indicator Set for Ford Transit Custom - Dynamite 21

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On Orders Over £200

If your order is more than £200 we will get it delivered directly to you for FREE!

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